Child care plays an important role in the child’s early years and provides them a nurturing environment for growth and development. There have been many advancement in neuro science which tell us about how the brain develops during the early years.

The importance of child care in Beau desert

During the initial years of a child’s life, the brain is developing at a rapid pace. The neural connections are formed at an astonishing rate and they have an impact on the future learning and the behavior of the child. This is the time when the experiences provided by the care givers can have a deep impact on shaping the brains structure. When it’s exposed to positive stimuli; such as responsive care giving and a nurturing environment, the growth of the neural pathways is enhanced and it can have a positive impact on the brains plasticity.

It is important for the care givers and the children to form a secure relationship because it is one of the most important factors when it comes to Healthy brain development. With the help of responsive care giving, the carer will be able to meet the child’s needs and therefore increase the sense of security and trust. These are the kind of interactions which create a supportive environment and help in developing the emotional needs and the social skills of the child. It can also result in greater self esteem and there is research which proves that forming secure attachments during childhood provides a foundation for healthy relationships of the future.

The interactions between the care givers and the child, also lays the foundation for language development. It is a fundamental aspect of brain development for the early years. When a child has been with a care giver and their peers, it lays the ground for better language acquisition and improved communication. At the child care, children are provided many opportunities to engage in different kind of conversations either through story telling or vocabulary building exercises. There is research which proves that having a rich language environment can have a positive impact on the language proficiency of the child and which in turn impacts their academic success.

It is important for parents to understand the science of child care and the influence that it has on the brain development of the child. It is essential that the daycare program they choose for the child should be in keeping with the high quality childhood programs which help nurture and develop their overall skills. It is only through building nurturing relationships and stimulating environments that child care providers can have an important role in developing the child’s brain in a positive manner.

It is important for parents to recognize that science backed principles for early childhood development can help optimize the children’s cognitive growth and also improve their social abilities. For more information on your child’s Day Care program, it is important that you speak with a professional at Beaudesert kindergarten and day care services.