Photography Education and Courses

Photography is one of the most expensive passions in the world – but also one of the most rewarding passions out there. Just imagine the cost of a single lens, the lighting equipment, and all that photography stuff! Photography is more than just taking a ton of photos. Photography is capturing the exact emotion at a given time while providing an exceptional photo quality.

Ever interested in photography? Not a problem anymore. A lot of photography classes and courses are being made available for anyone who likes to attend. These photography classes and courses are equipped with lessons on lighting and shooting techniques. Also, it would cover lessons on equipment, cameras, photo enhancing software, and a whole lot more.

Photography Courses Available

There are a lot of photography courses – may it be actual or online. In this article, we will enumerate five, and here is the list:

Introduction to Photography Course

First thing’s first. Professional photographers always started from the bottom. It is but

right to start learning the fundamentals of photography to gain knowledge on this field and to answer all the W and H questions, such as: Who, When, Where, What, and How.

In this course, students will be exposed to the basics of the camera – its function and use, the lighting techniques, the history and principles of photography, software to be used, and how to come up with an image concept.

Video Making Course

A photography course doesn’t stop in just teaching a student how to take photos. A

complete photography course also includes video making classes, wherein a student is taught how to plan for a video concept, how to shoot, the angles to be covered, and how to edit the video to come up with high-quality output.

The Video Making Course usually takes up to 18 months to complete, but this can be taken at a student’s own pace.

Photoshop for Photographers

Not because you’re using a high-end camera that you need not edit it anymore. Of

course, to level up the quality of the photo, a good photographer must also know how to use photoshops for editing.

In this course, a student will learn how to properly resize their photos to maintain the crisp of the photo, and not to distort its pixels. Cropping, retouching, and all the uses and functions of the Photoshop software will be taught. Need not to worry because the mentor for this course is an Adobe Certified Expert.


Do you want to be a photojournalist? Well, this photojournalism fits you well. Learn how to

tell stories with an impactful photo. See the world as if you’re a professional photographer! This course will tackle more on the lighting techniques, exposure, and other important basics of photography.

Business for Photographers

Photography classes and courses are not only for those photography hobbyists who do

this out of passion and pure fun, but also this can be for those people who see this as their future career. Indeed, there is a career in photography. In the business side of this course, a student will learn how to put up his/her own studio, how to apply photography jobs, freelancing, and everything in between.

A student will also learn how to prepare his/her resume and portfolios, and to reach out to potential employers.