The best family photography in Sydney

No more old family portraits posing static against a flat background. Now what is asked of a photographer is that the images show smiles, happiness, and a natural look.

This does not mean that the photographer cannot direct the models or that the models do not pose. The work and merit of the photographer are to achieve that naturalness through simple guidelines and being a spectator always ready to capture gestures and actions.

It is as easy as letting the family members act, but within an environment controlled by the photographer. Therefore, it is not necessary to start taking pictures like crazy from the beginning. The photographer must wait for situations to arise, ask them to walk hand in hand or to play. Now is the perfect time to start photographing.

Organise the session, poses and recommended plans

A first framing that always works, if the group is small, is to take a picture with the family members close together and with their heads glued looking at the camera. This gesture is translated as a sign of friendship, love, and affection. Position the camera’s viewfinder horizontally and take a medium shot, cutting from the waist. It is important not to forget that the composition of all heads must be harmonic, so an excellent way to do it is forming a U or a zigzag.

It is essential that days before taking the photographs the family have decided where and how they will do them. To visit the place where the session will take place to test framings and compositions, it is a great idea; be inspired by images that people like and think of original actions and scenes.

Another fun way to photograph a family is to make the little ones climb on a horse on top of their parents. The children will have a great time, and a very funny picture will come out. At ground level, in an exterior location like a park, the photographs are great. Family members can sit or lie with their elbows on the ground and their heads in their hands.

A photograph that always works is to make the family shake hands and take pictures while they walk. Place an angular lens on the camera and take distance from the scene. Some very natural and authentic photos will be the result of this session.

Better natural light

Undoubtedly, the sunlight will give the photographs a touch of naturalness. Go outside, to a park, a beach, the countryside or the street. Take advantage of the lighting offered by a sunset because its orange and yellow shades will colour the images of warmth.

It is advisable to do tests before the session to know what adjustments should be made in the camera and to gain time during the taking of the photographs.

Although it may not seem like a very important thing, clothing is a significant part of this type of photography. Colour is an incredibly powerful element of composition and can either enhance a photo or even destroy it.

It is not convenient that each member of the family goes with a different bright colour. It gives a sense of incoherence and a disunited family. For this reason, the family should be asked to dress in similar coloured clothing.