4 Common Equipment That Are Used By Food Photographers

All food photographers are equipped with several sets of equipment, which they use to take shots and photos of different foods. A food photographer Sydney is not complete without this necessary photography equipment. You can read the list below to know some of this equipment on food photography.

The following lists below are some of the common equipment which is used by a food photographer in Sydney when taking shots.


Just like how a chef needs a pan to cook and a painter needs a paintbrush to paint, food photographers need a camera to take shots as well. Specifically, a food photographer Sydney uses a DSLR camera which is the most suitable kind of camera to use in the industry of food photography. There are different brands of DSLR camera available on the market so potential food photographers will have many choices. If you are one of them, you just need to make sure that you choose the right brand of DSLR camera for you. Meaning, the DSLR camera meets your standards and especially, your budget.

Camera Lens

Aside from the camera, a food photographer Sydney must also equip with at least two sets of camera lens. You have to know that lens play a very crucial part in cameras since that it can create effects on the shots. Food photographers can choose the best camera lens depending on what do they shoot, their style of taking food shots, and the budget they have for the camera lens. If you are a newcomer to the industry of food photography and have no idea which camera lens to use, you can ask the professionals to give you a hand.


Another common equipment that a food photographer Sydney can depend on when taking shots is the tripod. It has three legs and is used by food photographers to hold and support their DSLR cameras, as well as, other photography equipment. A food photographer, like you, should choose a tripod that has significant durability and stability. It is very important since that no food photographer would want to crash and break his expensive DSLR camera. Professional food photographers suggest to newcomers to invest for a high-quality and expensive tripod.

A Tripod Arm

Food photographers should also equip their tripods with a tripod arm, especially if they love taking aerial food shots. If you as a food photographer Sydney always do this kind of shot, you should own one for your tripod so that you do not have to find positions such as bending over and climbing on furniture, just to take the shot. Tripod arms are so easy to use, you just have to attach it to the mount of the tripod, thus, allowing you to take aerial food shots in any heights. However, you should ensure that there is a counterweight so that the tripod will not tip over.

If you are eager to know what the other equipment that a food photographer Sydney uses, you can search the topic on the web.