Children develop fastest from birth to the age of five. Around 80 to 90% of brain development occurs before a child enters kindergarten. Parents must take advantage of these early years and ensure their child enters a high-quality early learning program in Park Ridge.

The educators know how to make the most of these crucial first years. They are trained to help a child grow mentally and enhance their social and cognitive skills.

These are some of the benefits of early childhood education on children.

Benefits of Park Ridge early learning program

Park Ridge early learning program is designed to help children develop important social skills. Instead of being home all day children are exposed to a variety of situations are made to interact with their peers and caregivers.  All these experiences teach children valuable interpersonal skills such as listening and expressing themselves.  The educators help establish these skills early on so that children can have a healthy social life.

Research has proved early childhood education is linked with greater success in life. Children who take part in these programs are more successful as teenagers and adults. Around 25% of these children are four times more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree.  This link between early childhood education and future success has been illustrated in a study called the Abecedarian Early Intervention Project. It is a longitudinal study of more than 35 years. Children who received early education were more successful academically and financially and they also had better mental and physical health.

Early childhood education gives parents the freedom to study and stay committed to their work. Parents who work full time are unable to care for their children at home. However, early childhood education enables parents to get some time for themselves. Parents can leave their children at a safe and secure place. This has a positive impact on the family as a whole.

 It is easier to screen a child’s health and behavioral issues if they attend an early learning program.  Parents are sometimes too busy to monitor these important milestones. This is where early childhood educators can help. They are trained to look for indicators when the milestones aren’t being met. They regularly screen for these milestones. When you send your child to an early learning program you are leaving them with professionals who will report back the results to you.

 Early childhood education has a positive impact on the society. Children who receive early childhood care are likely to grow up and contribute positively to their communities. Although early learning might seem like an initial investment it yields a $6.30 return on investment as both children and parents grow to become financially independent and do not need government assistance.

Parklands Little Learners is passionate about helping parents find the best childcare options for their little ones. If you need help finding the best early education options for your child, make sure you speak to one of their educators.