When most adults are asked about their math skills, the majority reply that they simply get by. Many times they have to use a calculator or their smart phone to add or subtract. However, children can be taught math skills t an early age which they can implement throughout their life tie. The following is a quick and basic guide to developing number sense in children from the teachers at kindergarten Brookvale.

While teaching math may seem like a tough task, all the energy put into teaching math can only be useful for students as they progress along their academics. According to experts there are five basic principles which each child should master.

  • Number sense. Having number sense means the ability to discern different numbers. Understand that there are various kinds of numbers. The relationship between these numbers.
  • Algebraic expressions the simple basis of sorting and categorizing
  • Geometry-the understanding of spatial dimensions. The properties of two and three dimensional shapes
  • Measuring- the ability to master the measuring attributes of various mathematical figures
  • Analyzing data and probability

At kindergarten level, a child is only taught number sense. The inability to develop number sense would have a negative impact on the child’s math skills as the progress to a different class each year.


What exactly is number sense?

Number sense is defined as the ability to understand different numbers. Also it is important to understand the relationship which each number might have with another number. Number sense varies in children according to their age. Kindergarteners are expected to have the following skills by the time they are ready for grade one.

  • Each number has its own specific symbol and quantity
  • The relationship between numbers
  • Basic addition skills
  • Basic subtraction skills
  • Understanding even and odd numbers

The importance of developing number sense at a young age

Having a strong mathematical base is very important especially for children. Math can help a child with every day skills and basic problem solving in normal situations. The leading cause of being unable to excel at math is directly associated with an under developed number sense. This is why children need to have a strong base when it comes to math. Almost as early as kindergarten years.

At kindergarten level, there has been a major shift in teaching math skills the traditional way. In fact teachers now practice a hands on practical approach when it comes to teaching numbers. The children are encouraged to think about numbers. Understand those numbers rather than just facilitate rote learning. Skills like counting are taught making use of beads and blocks. This practical way of counting help develops a child’s interest and allows them to form their own experience when dealing with numbers.

Children are allowed to work at their own pace and then compare their results with their peers at the end of every class. This helps build confidence in children and helps them develop an interest in math at an early age.

If you want your child to excel at basic math and language skills, ask around to find out which kindergarten in Brookvale to choose.