Choosing a boarding school in Brisbane for your child is a major decision. It requires a great many steps and a lot of careful thought. The key is to find a school which would be able to cater to your child’s needs. Not all schools are same. There are boarding schools which have a major focus towards academic excellence while there are others which believe in a rounded development of the child’s academic, social and emotional needs.

Before selecting a boarding school, make sure you go through the following tips which would help you make an informed decision.

Identify different boarding schools in Brisbane

This is the time where you have the opportunity of looking at any school you like. You can choose to get to know about any boarding school that catches your fancy. Make sure you visit the school’s website. Here you would find a plethora of information. From the school’s philosophy to the information regarding the curriculum. There are websites which also have comments from the parents of the children attending the school. Make sure to read through the comments to see how the school is faring and what the parents have to say about it.

Once you have taken a look at all the boarding schools that you liked, jot down the web addresses of the ones which actually appealed to you in a spread sheet. Your list should comprise of at least four to five schools. This would help keep things organized and would help you get back to the schools time and again.

Time to narrow down the list

With all the schools in the list, the next step is to narrow down your choice to three to four schools only. This is because it would help you in making a decision. The best way to whittle down your choice is by asking the following questions

  • Would you rather have you child attend a coed school or choose a single sex one?
  • Would you choose a school which is large or small?
  • Would you like the school to inculcate religious values in your child?
  • Would you like a school which pays extra attention to co-curricular activities?
  • Would you go for a military school?

Answering all these questions would leave about only three or four schools on your original list. The next question however is a bit tough, does your child have what it takes to attend a particular boarding school? Some parents at this time hire the services of an educational consultant. They are individuals who guide parents to the right schools so that the ones they choose reply in affirmative for their children. The decision to hire an educational consultant depends upon the parents and is not really mandatory.

Make sure to visit the schools if possible

The best way to know more about a school is to make sure you visit it at least once. Observe how the children study? Whether they participate in activities? What kind of curriculum they are taught and all those questions which come to your mind.

Keeping these tips in mind would help you choose the best boarding school for your child. Ipswich Grammar are a boarding school in Brisbane that you might want to check out.