If you are a beginner wanting to draw or paint, and wondering where to start, here is the guide on essential art supplies for a beginner. This is the list of all the most essential art supplies for a beginner and how it is important in furnishing your art skills to the next level. Read through it to kick start your artistic career.

Sketchbook: As a beginner artist you need something to sketch on. It will help you keep your art in shape and organized. Bring out your drawing skills to the limelight by first drawing your pieces in a sketchbook before applying paints as per your desires. It is also important to note that there are various sketchbooks available for drawing using different mediums, for example, there are those that are best suited for graphite pencils, sketching sticks, coloured pencils, ink, marker pens, oil pastel, mixed media, and so on.

Graphite pencils: These are the basic art supplies to start with. They often go in order B and H where B stands for darker while H stands for lighter. As an artist, you need to distinguish between the two types before purchasing, based on what kind of sketching you want on your art pieces. They go hand in hand with your sketchbook. You can test them on a rough paper to distinguish.

Coloured pencils: These are the most useful pieces of art supply you will have ever made if you are a beginner drawing artist. You can use coloured pencils for smaller details and even provide a full illustration for your art. They are smooth in application and can take around every detail you want on your drawing.

Kneaded erasers: When trying out with graphite pencils or coloured pencils you need an eraser, to clear finer details from your art. Kneaded erasers are what you need to clear finer details off your drawing.

Pencil sharpener: With the extensive amount of pencils during drawing, it reaches a point where you need to sharpen it, or if your pencil accidentally falls onto the ground the drawing part might break and you will need a sharpener. There are two types of pencil sharpeners, electric ones, and handheld sharpeners. For beginners, having a handheld one is sufficient. Whatever option you have it is wise to have a pencil sharpener nonetheless.

Marker pen: These are alcohol-based and most useful for any upcoming artist. You can use marker pens with other products or use them alone. They have varying tip access depending on how you want your imprints to appear. They also come in a variety of colours, so an artist can have several of them at a go.

Paint: It is obvious for a beginner to have the paint to start with. For blend effect, oil paint is appropriate although you will have to buy other products such as thinner or linseed.

Watercolour: For more subtle and blendable paint, watercolour is the way to go, you will have more control than oil paint.

Paintbrushes: It goes hand in hand with paint. You will apply paint on your pieces of art using paintbrushes and they come in various sizes and bristles.

Paint palette: It is a helpful art supply that every artist must have. It helps you hold on to spot the colours you need.

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