Despite the many benefits of early learning only half of the countries provide free pre-primary education around the world. The Australian government has committed to 15 hours of free learning programs for all children who will attend an early learning program.

Every young child has the right to quality care and education. Parents must ensure to invest in their child’s early learning for a better future.

Why consider sending your child to childcare in Underwood

A child’s brain develops rapidly from birth to 8 years old. It is a crucial time when children if provided an opportunity for education completely transform their cognitive abilities.

Research has proved that children who are healthy, feel safe and have learnt well in the early years, reach their full potential as adults and participate effectively in economic and social life.

Early childhood education is a means of promoting equity and social justice. Neuroscience supports the fact that the environment affects the nature of brain architecture. All things that a child experiences in the early years build a strong foundation for later learning and behavior.

 Research and educational sciences reveal that participation in early learning programs improves a child’s school readiness and reduces the gap between students who are socially advantaged and disadvantaged.

High-quality early learning is an important way of realizing that every child has a right to education.

Learning through play

The educators at childcare Underwood know that learning through play is an important strategy that promotes student engagement and inclusion.  it ignites the child’s innate curiosity and is essential for easing the transition from preschool to school.

Children learn through the natural inquiry process of play. this phenomena has been studied extensively by developmental psychologists and neuroscientists. they noted that play is hugely influential on child development and helps foster speech development and cognitive processing. besides children learn skills like self-awareness and self regulation. neuroscientists have found that the brain is refined lively and it stimulates the production of the protein that is responsible for the growth of new neurons and synapses.

Play deprivation on the other hand affects brain developments problem solving skill it has been seen that children who struggle to develop social emotional skills were unable to establish positive peer relationships.

The education system at childcare Underwood takes a more holistic view of education. Each child is allowed to learn and their peace and reach their full potential. The educators engage children in different sensory activities which help enhance their motor skills and allow children to develop confidence..

The most promising pedagogy to learning is through play. Children are engaged in different activities that helped them learn numeracy and literacy skills.

If you are thinking of sending a child to Underwood childcare, you should do proper research.  Talk with parents whose children attend the daycare to get an idea of how they feel about their services. Your child should feel comfortable and happy in their surroundings. This can only be done when you take the time to find expert child care in Underwood.