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Essential Art Supplies for a Beginner

If you are a beginner wanting to draw or paint, and wondering where to start, here is the guide on essential art supplies for a beginner. This is the list of all the most essential art supplies for a beginner and how it is important in furnishing your art skills to the next level. Read through it to kick start your artistic career.

Sketchbook: As a beginner artist you need something to sketch on. It will help you keep your art in shape and organized. Bring out your drawing skills to the limelight by first drawing your pieces in a sketchbook before applying paints as per your desires. It is also important to note that there are various sketchbooks available for drawing using different mediums, for example, there are those that are best suited for graphite pencils, sketching sticks, coloured pencils, ink, marker pens, oil pastel, mixed media, and so on.

Graphite pencils: These are the basic art supplies to start with. They often go in order B and H where B stands for darker while H stands for lighter. As an artist, you need to distinguish between the two types before purchasing, based on what kind of sketching you want on your art pieces. They go hand in hand with your sketchbook. You can test them on a rough paper to distinguish.

Coloured pencils: These are the most useful pieces of art supply you will have ever made if you are a beginner drawing artist. You can use coloured pencils for smaller details and even provide a full illustration for your art. They are smooth in application and can take around every detail you want on your drawing.

Kneaded erasers: When trying out with graphite pencils or coloured pencils you need an eraser, to clear finer details from your art. Kneaded erasers are what you need to clear finer details off your drawing.

Pencil sharpener: With the extensive amount of pencils during drawing, it reaches a point where you need to sharpen it, or if your pencil accidentally falls onto the ground the drawing part might break and you will need a sharpener. There are two types of pencil sharpeners, electric ones, and handheld sharpeners. For beginners, having a handheld one is sufficient. Whatever option you have it is wise to have a pencil sharpener nonetheless.

Marker pen: These are alcohol-based and most useful for any upcoming artist. You can use marker pens with other products or use them alone. They have varying tip access depending on how you want your imprints to appear. They also come in a variety of colours, so an artist can have several of them at a go.

Paint: It is obvious for a beginner to have the paint to start with. For blend effect, oil paint is appropriate although you will have to buy other products such as thinner or linseed.

Watercolour: For more subtle and blendable paint, watercolour is the way to go, you will have more control than oil paint.

Paintbrushes: It goes hand in hand with paint. You will apply paint on your pieces of art using paintbrushes and they come in various sizes and bristles.

Paint palette: It is a helpful art supply that every artist must have. It helps you hold on to spot the colours you need.

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Advantages of Beautiful Portrait Photography in Melbourne

People do not typically look for portrait photography when taking photos of themselves, their families, and their special occasions. However, great moments in Melbourne such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions become extra-special by creating beautiful portrait photography Melbourne.

Reasons for wanting Beautiful Portrait Photography

What are the reasons that make people choose beautiful portrait photography from The WP Studio?

  • The best way to express their creativity
  • A quick, easy, and instant confidence-booster
  • Simply want to feel and look amazing
  • A way to show their emotions and feelings without saying anything
  • To fulfil their long-time fantasies and dreams
  • Just for fun
  • To express self-love during momentous moments
  • To be selfish for once
  • To have an amazing work of art to hang on their walls or put on their desks

Advantages of Beautiful Portrait Photography

Preparing to have your portrait done can be fun and exciting for some. Dressing up, having your hair done professionally, and having your photo taken in chosen settings can be exciting. However, what may be fun and thrilling for some may be awkward and daunting for other people.

While the feelings about having a portrait taken are important, the long-term benefits they provide are better.

They provide immortality

The wedding portrait of your grandparents and parents provide them immortality through the ages. The poses in portraits of past eras might look unnatural and stiff but they have gained the immortality provided by portrait photography.

Documents and captures your life’s journeys

Portrait photography offers the best way to chronicle your life’s journey from childhood to adulthood. It is the perfect instrument to capture all the momentous events and milestones that nothing else can do. Looking at your photos instantly brings back happy memories of things past while inspiring to make you achieve your life’s goals.

It provides instant relief from stress

Taking a picture of a beautiful landscape, flower or insect creates a mindfulness moment that instantly brings relief from stress. Try an experiment to find out. Take your blood pressure before and after 30 minutes of trying to get the perfect shot. You’ll be amazed by the result.

Fires up your creativity and imagination

Your imagination and creativity can be inspired by photography. Some famous photographers started by taking random pictures of things and people. The amazing result of their captured images served to inspire them to focus on a career in photography. New ideas sprout up after looking at a finished photo. You get inspired to do some changes with the same background using different lighting or photographing them at different times of the day.

Photography can become a career

Some people gain a lifelong passion for photography even when it started as a hobby. Learning more about photography as a career can be made possible with formal schooling and training, or reading books or visiting websites offering free lessons.

It is the safest and most natural way to boost up self-esteem

A good photo speaks a thousand words. Your self-esteem is naturally and safely boosted up by taking good photos of your friends, family, and things around you.

There are a thousand and one advantages gained from portrait photography. Be that as it may, photography offers one of the best ways to enrich people’s lives for the better.

How to make a success of your photos of sunsets

The sunset photo is a must-have for a summer vacation. Here are some tips to become master in the art of photographing these moments of splendor.

The good moment

Leave an hour before sunset or sunrise, just to find the best place possible (remember that the sun sets in the west). To avoid damaging your eyes, use your preview screen rather than looking directly at the sun. The sun is gone? Stay anyway! The 20 minutes after sunset often provide a magical light show.

The sun is secondary

The trap of the sunset is to make the same picture each time. Here are some composition tips for taking unique photos:

  • Your main subject is not the sun, as beautiful as it is.
  • Never center the sun.
  • Play on shadows, backlit and foregrounds.

Shown against the light, the silhouette of a boat, a fisherman or a palm tree will stand out clearly in your photo, giving it a lot of relief and making it more interesting, especially if you respect the rule of thirds. If you want to highlight something close to your lens or show details against the light, use your flash.

Sunset mode

Many devices offer a “sunset” mode whose settings are made to preserve the shimmering colors of these moments. Try it and, if the result is too dull to your taste, go back to the manual settings below.

Good manual settings

Here are the perfect settings for your photos to make all the beauty of these golden hours:

  • Exposure: to achieve a beautiful against-day, put the sun outside your frame and point your device on the sky, near the place where the star was. Hold the shutter button down halfway, and frame your subject with the sun before taking the picture.
  • Exposure time: do different tests. The longer the exposure time, the more the sky and clouds will matter in your photo.
  • ISO: choose a low brightness setting (100 or 200 ISO) when the sky is bright. Increase it as the brightness decreases.
  • White Balance: Set it to “daylight” to keep warm colors or “cloudy weather” if your photos look dull.

6 photo sharing services with friends

Do your photos clutter the memory of your smartphone? Share them directly with your friends from your computer or smartphone. In addition, these services often allow you to edit, arrange and sort your photos before sharing them. This is essential!

Instagram: for mobiles

It is the favorite application of amateur photographers who are equipped with a smart phone. Thanks to its filters, it allows you to edit photos and add vintage or retro effects. Instagram is very simple to use: your photos appear on your personal page and can be shared directly with your friends by your smartphone, via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Tumblr.

Picasa: sharing with circles of friends

Very intuitive, Picasa allows you to retouch or crop your photos or remove red eyes directly online or on your computer. All you have to do is sort them and put them in an album, or add a title or prepare a slideshow. Photo sharing is easy for all Google + users, but anyone can view your photos as long as you’ve invited them by email. The storage capacity is approximately 1 GB; beyond that, you must pay to benefit from a pro version.

Flickr: the reference

This is the preferred service for photo enthusiasts who want to store and share their photos. With Flickr it will be easy to upload and manage your photos online: you can enter tags, titles or descriptions for each image, and the update is done automatically. Another big advantage of Flickr: you have the opportunity to see photos of what is currently the largest database of amateur photos on the web. In addition, Flickr now offers 1TB of free storage space.

Joomeo: friendly and in French

This service in French offers the same features as its competitors, both in editing and sharing. This service is very appreciated; explanations guide step by step the user throughout the upload or to make a slide show with music or effects. User-friendly, it allows you to share your photos with your friends, to whom you can assign a password to secure your photos.

500px: we are a photographer!

500px allows you to host, share and even sell your photos. You can create a wall or launch your portfolio blog for free. The true over 500px is the quality of the photos presented by the community: real wonders. You can take the opportunity to display your best shots in beauty and share them with friends or with the world. Via 500px, you can also follow your favorite photographers. If you like photography, this is the box you need.

Amalgram: local and rallying

Based in Quebec, the Amalgram service has been specifically designed to facilitate the sharing of photos taken during group events. Do you want to document your last family bike ride, your best friend’s wedding or a convention abroad? Just create a private group and invite the participants. After choosing a password, all guests will be able to add their own pictures, see those of others and leave their comments. An account gives the possibility to deposit 150 photos for free, and a scanning service allows to give a second life to photos preserved for a long time: enough to gather a lot of memories!

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